Penélope Cruz nominated for Forque Awards

The nominations for the Forqué Awards were announced this Thursday. The presentation and reading of nominations was moderated by journalist Yolanda Flores, accompanied by Vicky Luengo, Álvaro Mel, Santiago Segura and Gracia Querejeta.

In the category of best feature film of fiction and/or animation we commended El buen patrón, Madres Paralelas, Maixabel and Mediterráneo.

The actresses competing for the award in the Best Female Actress category are Blanca Portillo, for Maixabel; Marta Nieto, for Tres; Penélope Cruz, for Madres Paralelas; and Petra Martínez, for La vida era eso. In the men’s category, Eduard Fernández for Mediterráneo; Javier Bardem for El buen patrón; Luis Tosar for Maixabel; and Urko Olazabal for Maixabel.